Is Durn House Haunted?

Although Durn House has a reputation for its warm and friendly atmosphere, there have been a number of reports over the years to suggest something supernatural goes on from time to time.

The Dog of Durn is supposedly a spirit of a dog which died in the family home, Durn House, within the last 20 years. This dog has been heard barking and running around inside the house when it has been confirmed that no dogs were on the premises. This dog has been picked up by spiritualist mediums and guests alike.

‘The Girl’ has been seen by a number of people across the house. A playful girl who appears to be Victorian or Georgian by her dress, is said to play with the Dog of Durn. Witnessed by dinner and overnight guests, she has been heard laughing and has been seen standing with another girl from time to time. It is unclear if she is from a time prior to the current House being built in 1770.

Bert, the butler who occupied Durn House during the 18th and 19th centuries has made himself known downstairs and in the bar. His presence has been confirmed during paranormal investigations and by visiting historians. He is known to be a very busy spirit who focuses on the bottom of the stairs, outside his quarters. There was one occasion - as witnessed by staff - of items being seemingly smacked off the bar with great force without any reasonable explanation or cause.

Durn House’s ministerial and religious past residents is thought to be relevant with this particular case. An image of a large man in white has been seen through internal windows heading towards the kitchen, which would have been a pantry or preparation area when the house was originally built.

If you’ve witnessed any paranormal activity—we’d love to hear about it!