Discover Durn House: The First Floor & Below

The Great Hall is the first room you'll enter when you come in to Durn House. You'll be greeted with a warm welcome and, after signing in, you'll have the option to enjoy the various antiques and furniture in the Great Hall. The Great Hall showcases fine original Georgian features from the house’s construction in 1770, such as the beautiful ceiling rose (pictured below), plasterwork, doors, and brass door handles.

This part of the House is medieval and is most likely the only surviving part of the castle estate which was on this site prior to the construction of the current House. Notice the deep doorways leading through to the Eden Drawing Room and stairwell. These deep doorways are the original external walls which the Georgians simply knocked through to create their fashionable extensions. In the Eden Drawing Room, there is a bespoke stone fireplace with modern surround, original sashes on a trio of Palladian-style windows, as well as original glass window panes and wood panelling. This room would have originally been much larger, and used for entertaining.

The wallpaper is Adam’s Eden, by Adam Calkin, and was chosen as it is similar to other 1770 country house wallpapers - although Adam’s Eden has a delightful modern twist.

The Green Room is used as the Ogilvie Restaurant, for wedding ceremonies and private celebratory events. Originally, this room would have been a dining room, or lounge. A painting of interest is the one of Peter Grant, a 110 year old Jacobite - read about his story on page 27. Our Green Room showcases stunning original windows, and an original Portsoy Marble fireplace.

The Gentleman's Club was the original kitchen of the 1770 building, and still features the original bread oven and fireplace. Portsoy was a famous trading harbour and port, and was also known for smuggling during the 17th and 18th centuries. Rumour has is that there is an escape tunnel which leads from the Gentleman’s Club to nearby burn.

Durn House boasts a fully licensed bar in what was originally the library. This room had exquisite wood panelling and a large collection of rare books and historical records. The wood panelling and books were sold during the early 20th century.